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There are outfits for the horse and outfits for the city…
There are outfits for the horse and outfits for the city… 
Find the right balance between pony outfit & everyday outfit: this is where it happens…

triple - navy blue riding polo shirt - iconic triple model
triple - white horse riding polo shirt - iconic triple model
triple - pink riding polo shirt for girls - iconic triple model
triple store - children's horse riding clothing shop

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Welcome to the website of the new 100% children’s riding fashion brand ‘So Horsy’!

Born from the observation that today’s riding clothing suffers from a classicism that is a little too compartmentalized and partitioning, theLyon-based brand Triple, all in all respectful of the codes of the centuries-old equestrian tradition, is based on an asserted original modernity and a bit troublemaker!
It comes to ‘shake off the dust’ from the equestrian world by offering children’s outdoor clothing such as polo shirts, jackets, riding pants but also equestrian fashion accessories such as hats, patches and other riding socks, always playful and classy!
Whether in riding lessons, horse shows, horseback riding or simply to stroll in the countryside or in the streets, the children’s riding clothes that you will discover here are very likely to convert you to the ‘triplemania’, the one that makes the rider style a modern and colorful style, for an ‘epic & chic’ riding fashion!
All children’s riding clothes from the brand ‘#sohorsy’ Triple are available for purchase online in the triple-store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or in our showroom at the equestrian center L’alezane in Lyon East – Saint Bonnet de Mure.

« Who said riding and riding clothing had to be ‘old-fashioned‘? »

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