it is first of all a story of triplets,

and that was already six years ago!…


y profile is varied and very heterogeneous since I am a rider’s wife, a rider myself, manager of a stable and I am also a former English teacher. And when I became a mother of triplets, I was keen to find much more « fun » riding clothes for my dear little darlings, who naturally became budding riders. Family history all that! Not really attracted and satisfied by what I could find in the collections of the moment, the desire to create new, more adapted and original outfits for children and teenagers, matured little by little over the years.


In 2018, I turn the corner and I launch « TRIPLE »

First brand of riding clothes, totally dedicated to children and teenagers, to wear both in the saddle and in town… This new label, I hope it will be creative, original but also with an accessible budget aspect… TRIPLE outfits for girls aged 8 to 16 bring fun and style to riding, breaking basic codes and tradition, while aiming to keep a reasonable cost and accessible to all.


Triple - Horse riding clothing brand
Triple - Horse riding clothing brand

After months of research and reflection, our first little darling is finally ready to be presented at the biggest show in Europe, EQUITA LONGINES 2018:

This first flagship product is a polo shirt with removable collars, three in one.
This polo shirt is a trendy garment, to be worn in the stables, in competitions or in training as in everyday life. In a few seconds, you can modify this outfit thanks to the interchangeable collars, straight competition collar, Claudine collar or shirt collar.

Thus, the little polo shirt will complement jeans, dress pants or a pretty petticoat… and it’s up to you to imagine other combinations!

In the process, we expanded our range with TRIPLE hats and socks.
A competition jacket and riding pants are in the works…
Later will come other creations and also a “boy” clothing variation without forgetting of course on the frame, with Pony accessories.

The goal of TRIPLE is to offer practicality, originality and at a fair cost, with functional, pleasant clothing at a price that suits everyone.
Riding clothes that can be worn on all occasions and above all adaptable, an important criterion when you have children who grow up every year…!

Triple - Horse riding clothing brand